Bicycle Friendly Community Committee Presents

Two very important and timely presentations regarding cycling in the State of Florida will be sponsored by TEAM’s Bicycle Friendly Community Committee on May 11th and 25th.  Both presentations will be at the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association at 2001 Shreve Street in Punta Gorda at 7 p.m.  


On May 11th, Becky Afonso of the Florida Bicycle Association will present:

Complete Streets Savvy

Complete Streets Savvy, or CSS, is a general, non-confrontational bicycle educational presentation.  The purpose is to provide basic information with regards to the Florida Department of Transportation’s adoption of Complete Streets policy (2014) and how cyclists and motorists can share the road safely.

The information is validated by a Future of Transportation National Survey (2010) findings of 66% of Americans wanting more transportation options so they have the freedom to choose how to get where they need to go; 73% currently feeling they have no choice but to drive as much as they do; and 57% would like to spend less time in the car.  Basically, Americans view transportation options and healthy lifestyles as a quality of life concern.

On May 25, Debra Chesna, FDOT Complete Streets, Growth Management Coordinator will present:

Complete Streets

Streets are a vital part of livable, attractive communities.  Everyone, regardless of age, ability, income, race, or ethnicity, ought to have safe, comfortable, and convenient access to community destinations and public places–whether walking, driving, bicycling, or taking public transportation.  But too many of our streets are designed only for speeding cars or creeping traffic jams.

Transportation drives development, and the transportation system we build dictates the shape of real estate. For the past several decades federal transportation investments have focused primarily on building roads, as the market wanted. However, this has resulted in an over-supply of “drivable suburban” development.

Today’s real estate market is different, with consistently strong demand for homes and offices in walkable urban places — which are in short supply. Federal transportation investments should shift to reflect these changes in the market, and direct a greater portion of funding toward building transit, regional rail, and infrastructure for bicycling and walking. Smart Growth America supports changes to the federal surface transportation bill that reflect these goals.

These presentations offer an opportunity to hear from the horses mouth the efforts being made on the behalf of cyclists in Florida.  Each presenter has about a half hour to 45 minute presentation and then will be open to Q&A.  If you want to ask questions, or provide feedback to these folks this is your opportunity.