Paint Your Heart Out

TEAM Punta Gorda volunteers collaborate with Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity, Peace River Community Housing Partners (PORCH), Punta Gorda Rotary and other groups to paint their hearts out wherever needed. 

Started in 2014,  PYHO was designed to help elderly, disabled, and needy residents while beautifying Punta Gorda. PYHO does more than paint homes.  It sends a message of pride and builds a sense of community spirit and unity that lasts long after this day of service is over.


Volunteers from TEAM and the PG Rotary Club collaborated with the Punta Gorda Historical Society to paint the historic cigar house, originally built around 1893.  See Photos by TEAM volunteer Jim Austin.


The day began with an early rain shower, but the more than 100 volunteers waited it out and headed out to their respective houses at 8:30.  The rain stopped in time for all painters to enjoy themselves and complete the seven houses by 2:00 pm.

We had volunteers from the Punta Gorda Rotary Club, Suncoast Credit Union, Isles YC women pickle ballers, Emerald Pointe, many Charlotte High students and of course, members of TEAM Punta Gorda as well as staff and volunteers from PYHO partner, Charlotte County Habitat for Humanity.

Paint Your Heart Out 2019 was made possible by generous contributions from the Punta Gorda Rotary Club, Suncoast Credit Union, Landsburg Bennett, the Wooster Brush Company and the Charlotte Community Foundation.  Also by cash contributions through the PYHO “Go Fund Me” page, Peace River Distributors, Joshua Citrus, Deep Creek Community Church for the use of their facilities and Dunkin’ Donuts.  Thank you all!


If you would like to be a part of next year’s Paint Your Heart Out project in any capacity, please contact TEAM at