Pedal and Play in Paradise


Be sure to join us on March 14, 2020 for this year’s very special event: The City Manager’s Bike Tour



What a beautiful day to Pedal & Play in Paradise

Video compliments of Bill Stevens

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The 2019 Pedal and Play event held Friday 22nd and Saturday March 23rd was a great success. Proceeds benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, as well as TEAM’s bicycle

Pedal and Play drew cyclists from all over southwest Florida and across the country. They represented a large range of demographics as there was something for everybody. It was a
perfect combination of beautiful weather, exercise, food, beer, wine, music, massage, and ice cream; how could we go wrong.

On Friday evening approximately 125 people accompanied Howard Kunik, the City Manager, as he led us on a 6-mile tour of some of the projects that are significant in our city. Cyclists were
greeted by different people at each location that offered explanations and answered questions. We visited the new Punta Gorda Library, the Impact Center and the new Military Museum, the
new aquatic mural under the Hwy 41 South bridge, the new affordable duplexes being built on Taylor, and the new restrooms and murals at Gilchrist Park. To ensure safety there was a police
escort with a motorcycle, officers on bicycles and the new Punta Gorda Police Department’s new Volunteers on Bicycle Patrol. There were also two EMS on bicycles as well, but gratefully
no one needed their support.

On Saturday morning the big event was held with people participating in four different rides. There was a 10-mile Mystery ride, a 15-mile, 30-mile, and a 62-mile ride all on different routes
in and around the city. It was a little chilly when the first long range riders started out at sunup; then the other groups followed at approximately half-hour increments. We were supported by
the city Police and Fire Departments and the County Sherriff and Public Works. It was one of the finest rides in our ten-year history.

Thanks to the devoted volunteers and sponsors that made this happen. It is one of Team Punta Gorda’s most cherished events and all the participants loved it. Look forward to next year and
save the dates of March 27 and 28.

Pedal and Play in Paradise is made possible through the generosity of over 25 sponsors. For more information about these generous citizens, visit