Water Quality

TEAM Punta Gorda and Heal Our Harbor (HOH) volunteers recently completed Ambassador Training conducted by HOH to familiarize participants with environmental issues impacting Charlotte Harbor and the Punta Gorda canals.
With grant funding provided by platinum sponsor Punta Gorda Rotary Foundation, HOH and TEAM have formed a joint initiative called Citizens Partnership for Clean Canals (CPCC). Dr. Richard Whitman (HOH) and TEAM’s environmental volunteer and co-chair Karen McCague are providing leadership for CPCC as they monitor water quality within the Punta Gorda canals. Field measurements and water samples are collected on a monthly basis and sent to Charlotte County’s laboratory for analysis. Results are shared with Charlotte County Water Quality Manager Brandon Moody.
Volunteers interested in learning more and participating in the program are encouraged to contact TEAM at team@teampuntagorda.org.



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Volunteers Needed


TEAM Punta Gorda has been engaged in water quality issues for several years, recently collaborating with Charlotte County and Punta Gorda City officials and several non-profit organizations to improve the quality of our water.

These discussions opened the door to an opportunity for TEAM to jump onboard with a

Richard Whitman, PHD with Phyllis and Bruce Wojcik of Heal Our Harbor.

more hands-on approach which would include monitoring the water quality within the PGI canal system. The project would be orchestrated in conjunction with the City/County and non-profits who are currently engaged, including the Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP), Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) and Heal Our Harbor (HOH).

This critical project, facilitated by TEAM, requires a team leader along with volunteers to collect samples.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the project, please contact TEAM’s office at 941-637-8326 or email team@teampuntagorda.org.