Journey to the Future

                                                                    Punta Gorda: Journey to the Future
                                                                                   Let’s Learn Together


This collaborative event led by TEAM Punta Gorda and the City of Punta Gorda offers opportunities to:
         ✓ Bring stakeholders together to learn sound strategies for future planning of our city.
         ✓ Inspire enthusiastic participation in updating the City-wide Master Plan.
        ✓ Benefit from the shared knowledge of remarkable speakers.

This free event, which takes place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on January 7, 2019 at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center, will highlight the following: 

Opening Session
                                                                                                                   Welcome – Nancy Prafke, Punta Gorda Mayor
                                                                                                   Conference Purpose and Introduction – Nancy Johnson, TEAM CEO
                                                          Graphic Presentation – Our City, If Building Regulations Are Unchanged – Tom Cavanaugh and Mitchell Austin


Presenters and Presentations
     ➢ Rick Severance, CEO of Babcock Ranch and former CEO of the Seaside, FL, one of the first communities in America designed on the principles of New Urbanism.
     ➢ Victor Dover, Principal of Dover Kohl, the firm selected to assist with Punta Gorda’s new City-wide Master Plan, whose topic is “Great Cities and Towns.”
     ➢ Lee Pitts, Host and Executive Producer of “Lee Pitts Live”, will facilitate a discussion of four perspectives on Punta Gorda from panelists Gussie Baker, Martha Bireda, Chris Evans and                    Paula McQueen. They will relate their unique stories on the evolution and growth of Punta Gorda since its incorporation in 1887.
     ➢ Tim Hernandez, Principal of New Urban Communities Corporation, is a builder/developer focused on infill, redevelopment and traditional neighborhood development opportunities in                  South Florida.


Lunch/Keynote Speaker
John Redmond, President of Allegiant Travel Company, will share why Allegiant selected Charlotte Harbor as the site for its first major resort and the potential benefits he sees for Punta Gorda and Charlotte County arising from his company’s significant investment. Lunch available for modest fee.


Wrap-up/Next Steps
Howard Kunik, Punta Gorda City Manager, will summarize the day’s session and will discuss what’s next with developing the Punta Gorda City-wide Master Plan..


Journey to the Future will be offered at NO CHARGE. Participants are asked to register in advance so that adequate meeting space can be provided. 

CLICK HERE to register.