Heleen Schouten

Heleen SchoutenHeleen Schouten is directly responsible for the successful build of 36 raised beds at our newest community garden located at the History Park. Heleen’s expertise, enthusiasm, leadership, and hard work led TEAM to complete this huge project in less than a month of weekend work. The hours put in “behind the scenes” by Heleen can’t begin to be counted.

Heleen is a longtime TEAM Punta Gorda member and veteran garden builder who also led the building of our first garden at South County Regional Park. What makes Heleen so special is her ability to spread her enthusiasm to others. Who would have thought that building beddings on a hot Saturday morning could be fun…but it was…thanks to Heleen. Each week, the number of volunteers grew, as word spread throughout our community. TEAM members, high school students, grandchildren, even city officials joined in the build. Heleen doesn’t like the spotlight but she certainly deserves it.