TEAM Punta Gorda On-Line Store is Now Open

Team Punta Gorda is now offering an easy On-Line way to purchase its unique “I’m a Spokesperson” Share the Lane T-shirts and hand-made Bicycle Earrings.  These items were originally sold only at local events and at the TEAM office, but now anyone can get them from the comfort of home.  

Just go to our Store page and follow the instructions.  You have the option of having the item(s) shipped for a flat rate or you can pick them up at the TEAM office for no additional cost.  When you hit the “submit” button to pay on-line, you will be taken to the Pay Pal website where you have the option of using your Pay Pal account or using your credit or debit card instead.  You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to use this system.  

Please note that these items are fundraisers for TEAM’s Bicycle Initiatives and as such, we are trying to control costs.  Therefore, we can only order new T-shirts when we have at least 20 orders, so if we don’t have your size in stock, it might take a while to get your order completed.  We have all sizes and styles sizes in stock at the moment, so don’t hesitate to put in your order now!     

The T-shirts are made of a moisture wicking material and are available in both men’s and women’s styles.  The earrings are handmade in Kenya and benefit the local artists there.  More details are available on the Store Page.  

You also have the option of buying your T-shirt and/or earrings at the TEAM office or any local event where TEAM is set up to sell them..  Checks made out to TEAM Punta Gorda, cash, and credit cards are accepted in those situations.

Men's styling

Men’s styling

Bicycle Earrings

Bicycle Earrings

Women's Styling

Women’s Styling

Women's Styling--back

Women’s Styling–back